JEMS: The project application and monitoring system

The NWE Joint Electronic Monitoring System (Jems) is a customised version of the common monitoring system developed by the Interact Programme, which is used by a large community of Interreg programmes.

Jems is an online system covering the full project life cycle within one monitoring tool.

Project lead applicants should create an account and use Jems to submit project applications. If the project is eventually approved, Jems will be used for reporting on the progress of their project implementation (both content-wise and financially).

Controllers will confirm the eligibility of expenditure and the NWE staff will monitor the projects using Jems.

Project proposals, both at step 1 and step 2 of NWE calls must be submitted in English and only through Jems. Project applications sent via any other means will not be considered.

The NWE Jems is available at

A helpdesk for technical support specifically dedicated to Jems can be reached via email (

The user guidance is available here.

The accessbility statement is available here.

The terms of service and data protection are available here.

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