Interreg NWE call 2 is now open!


The Interreg North-West Europe call 2 is now open until Thursday, 9 February 2023.

Call 2 covers all nine specific objectives addressed by the programme and follows a two-step process. In step 1 applicants will focus on the project need and justification, its objective, the added value of the proposed approach and the relevance of the partnership. All projects which successfully pass the step 1 phase will be invited to submit a more detailed application, including a complete work plan and budget. Access here the infographic explaining our two-step application process.

Over the lifetime of the Programme, € 287 million of ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) will be allocated to projects. No ceiling is set for this call.

We look for transnational cooperation initiatives that can deliver concrete results for the North-West Europe area. If you have an idea that could make one of our programme objectives a reality, get in touch with one of our contact points and start developing your proposal now!

To start preparing your step 1 application, have a look at the following reference documents:

Programme manual

The Programme manual is a valuable resource and a key reference document for both project applicants and approved projects, guiding them from the application stage all the way to closure. It details the concepts, rules and procedures for projects intending to apply and receive funding from the NWE Programme. It also informs them on the expectations the NWE Programme has from projects during implementation.

The Programme Manual version 3 in EN is available here.

The document is also available in DE, FR and NL.


Terms of reference

The Terms of reference aim at defining the framework and conditions of the first call for proposal launched by the NWE Programme. It notably defines the opening and closing dates, the way applicants should submit their application, the themes covered, and the budget allocated. It also explains where applicants can potentially get help and support for the development of their project idea.

The Terms of reference for call 2 step 1 are available here.

Guidance documents

Using its transnational cooperation expertise, the 2021-2027 Programme wants to jointly:

‘Promote a green, smart and just transition for all NWE territories with the aim to support a balanced development and make all regions more resilient’.

To deliver this ambition, the Programme has identified five thematic priorities, each of which is sub-divided into Specific Objectives (SO).


The Programme developed factsheets for each SO with a summary of the territorial challenges and opportunities, objectives, target groups, activities, and results.

The factsheets provide for each Specific Objective (SO) a summary of the territorial challenges and opportunities, objectives, target groups, activities, and results. These are designed to help potential applicants understand what is expected from projects under each topic.

Please note, however, that the comprehensive description of each SO, which contains detailed explanations and further examples should be consulted for a full understanding of the SO in Chapter 2.1 of the NWE Interreg Programme (NWE IP).

Step 1 application form

The step 1 application form is a word version of what applicants will find on the Interreg NWE Joint electronic submission system (Jems) and need to fill in to submit a step 1 application.

Please note that this document is made available for demonstration and information purposes only.

Step 1 eligibility criteria

The step 1 eligibility criteria, which are the list of criteria each project must comply with to be declared eligible.

Step 1 assessment criteria

The step 1 assessment criteria against which every project application will be assessed to establish its relevance and feasibility. Decisions on whether to grant funding will be based on this document.

How to apply

Project proposals, both at step 1 and step 2 of the call must be submitted in English and only through the Interreg NWE Joint electronic monitoring system (Jems).
Project applications sent via any other means will not be considered.
Further information on Jems is available here.

How to get support?

NWE Contact Points network

Continuous assistance will be provided by the Interreg NWE network of Contact Points during the phase of project development. They are available to respond to any queries including tailored advice on your project idea.

All contact details can be found here.

NWE online community

Join the NWE community! Register to our online community to network, find potential partners and get in touch with them, add your project idea or browse those in the pipeline.

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