ACE-Retrofitting Conference - How local and national governments can facilitate energy efficiency improvements in older buildings

Aberdeen, UK

16 May 2019 - 16 May 2019

Target audience: Local Authorities, Housing Associations


Many buildings in North West Europe are still energy inefficient and in need of deep renovation. If action is not taken it will lock local authorities into a high carbon-footprint future. The Interreg ACE Retrofitting (Accelerating Condominium Energy Retrofitting) project will help flats and apartments to overcome the legal, social and financial barriers of retrofitting energy efficiency measures.

At this conference participants learned

  • what Scottish local authorities and the Scottish Government are doing to encourage and enable energy efficiency retrofits
  • what the current and future policies are and
  • how these will affect all buildings within Scotland. 

Energy retrofitting projects throughout Scotland were presented, including the obstacles encountered and how these have been overcome. Technical experts explained energy retrofitting both from supply (contractor) and demand (owner/tenant) side. The conference was a great opportunity to know more about solutions and how these can be implemented, with particular emphasis on mixed tenure blocks of flats. Participants from Scotland and abroad could explore the best methods of engagement throughout the retrofit process, the financial options and funding available as well as the tools currently available to ease the energy retrofit journey.


Conference materials

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