Home is where you renovate: Solutions for multi-apartment blocks! ACE-Retrofitting workshop in Rennes

"My home has no door, my home has no roof. My home has no windows. It ain’t water proof" sings French singer Camille in her song "Home Is Where It Hurts". What if we’d be more positive and say "home is where you renovate"? There are lots of great solutions out there!

If you too see energy retrofitting of privately-owned condominiums in your city as a challenge, take part in the ACE-Retrofitting workshop which will be held in Rennes (France) on 19 April as part of Energy Cities' Annual Conference*!

Get to know three solutions tested by cities who act as facilitators between co-owners and building professionals:

  • Support the development of ambition renovation roadmaps – Meet Energy House Antwerp and Paris Climate Agency who are using a master plan audit: a guiding document for owners to federate professionals and increase the quality of the energy renovation work plans.
  • Empower co-owners to take action in their building – Get in touch with the city of Tampere which trains residents to become energy experts and supports the homeowner associations in pooling their energy renovation projects.
  • Finance retrofitting projects – Discover the Assen service costs-model that allows multi-apartment blocks to be renovated towards zero-on-the-meter without using personal


  • Barbara De Kezel, Energy House Antwerp, Belgium (ACE-Retrofitting)
  • Béatrice Bienenfeld, Paris Climate Agency, France (ACE-Retrofitting)
  • Ilari Rautanen, City of Tampere, Finland
  • Eelko Steenhuis, Cities Northern Netherlands



This workshop is organised in the framework of the ACE-Retrofitting project and the Horizon 2020 INNOVATE project – Integrated solutioNs for ambitiOus energy refurbishment of priVATE housing.


* Energy Cities 2018 Conference

"Energy transition: Sharing responsibilities, changing governance"


Source: www.energy-cities.eu​

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