ASPECT 2nd progress meeting at Inspire in Zürich

On the 21st and 22nd June 2017, the ASPECT consortium had its second progress meeting in Zürich, at Inspire AG. The partners assessed the progress made in the first project year on the way to achieving accurate, robust and efficient forming simulations, that account for the friction variation with temperature during the start-up of the production line.

A temperature-dependent friction model has been developed by the Twente University and has been validated by relevant tests carried out at Falex, FILZEK, Zeller+Gmelin and Tata Steel.The output of this work has been used by TriboForm to generate temperature-dependent friction data. Efficient forming simulations are being developed by the ESI Group and M2i, respectively, for the two processes under investigation.

A tool control system is being developed by inspire, in strong cooperation with the end-users Philips and Opel. Based on input from the simulations, the adaptive control system will enable the adjustment of the process settings automatically and instantaneously.

Philips and Opel are designing the demonstrator processes which will integrate the above-mentioned developments. A simplified, public demonstrator line is currently built at FILZEK. The visits to the public demonstrator will be coupled with dedicated trainings covering the whole range of tribology topics relevant for metal sheet forming, to be organised as of 2018.

If you are interested in these actions, you are kindly invited to join the ASPECT Interest Group, by filling out this survey

The results achieved by the consortium were disseminated in events organised by M2i and AutomotiveNL. A dedicated dissemination event is planned by EMC2 in France in 2018. Follow our website for more information.

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