ASPECT kick-off at Adam Opel Factory in Russelsheim June 29, 2016

ASPECT kick-off at Adam Opel Factory in Russelsheim June 29, 2016

On the 29th June 2016, the Interreg NWE project ASPECT “Advanced Simulation and Control of Tribology in Metal Forming Processes for the North-West European Consumer Goods and Transport Sectors” had its kick-off meeting.

The aim of ASPECT is to develop advanced simulations technology to account for temperature increase and adaptive control systems to adjust the machine settings during the start-up of the production line. The results of ASPECT will allow up to 40% increase in productivity for manufacturing OEMs, 20-25% reduction of maintenance costs and will enable new design capabilities for metal alloys and lubricants. Highly skilled jobs will be created, preserving the competitive edge of the European manufacturing sector and ultimately contributing to re-industrializing the North West European region.

The ASPECT partnership covers the entire supply chain and brings together top research capabilities, the creativity and enthusiasm of fast growing engineering SMEs, the experience of major European companies and the network of well-established clusters, to transfer this knowledge to the entire transport and consumer goods sectors in Europe.


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