ASPECT presence at Numisheet 2018

Last week at Numisheet 2018, Dr. Chao Wang from the University of Twente presented the paper “Temperature dependent micromechanics-based friction model for cold stamping processes” during the workshop Friction and Wear in Sheet metal Forming. This advanced friction model builds on previous research carried out by Dr. Johan Hol (co-founder of TriboForm) in 2014. It was further developed in ASPECT to include temperature-dependence of friction, for a variety of tribological systems relevant for the automotive and consumer goods industries.

The model has been extensively validated with contributions from several other ASPECT partners: Falex Tribology, Tata Steel, Zeller&Gmelin, Filzek Tribotech and Philips. It will be further optimised for increased accuracy and implemented in industrial software solutions to enable timely prediction and control of temperature-induced friction effects in the production line. Dramatic increases in productivity are expected as a result.

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