Coming up: Course on “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming”

A Course on “Fundamentals of Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming”will be held on 04 & 05  September 2019 at at the University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands.

This course  is organised within the INTERREG NWE project ASPECT. The ASPECT project will deliver accurate and fast models for the prediction and control of friction increase with temperature during production. The focus of ASPECT is on cold forming processes with multiple strokes per minute, where the temperature-induced friction increase and its effects on productivity are significant.

This course addresses the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of tribology
  • Tribology in sheet metal forming
  • Introduction to metal plasticity
  • Advanced friction models in sheet metal forming and implementation in FEM
  • Workshop: Simulating cold stamping processes using an advanced friction model

The participants will also be offered a tour of the Tribology Lab. For more info regarding the program, please see  the flyer.

This training is free of charge and is offered in the framework of the INTERREG project ASPECT. The target group for this course are MSc and PhD students, Researchers

Please register, free of charge, via  this link.

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