Coming up: Practical Training “Temperature-induced friction influence in sheet metal forming processes”

We are happy to invite you to a Practical Training in ‘temperature-induced friction influence in sheet metal forming processes’, which will take place on the 18th of June 2021 from 10:00 till 15:30 online.

This training is free of charge and consists the following key topics:

  • Friction & Temperature Influence in Sheet Metal Forming
  • Friction Modelling for Sheet Metal Forming
  • Finite Element Simulation in Sheet Metal Forming

The training includes four practical demonstration from industrial speakers. Participants will be presented with the latest information on the prediction and control of tribological influences in sheet metal forming:

  • Practice Temperature Influence in Laboratory Friction Test
  • Online demonstration of software for Friction Modelling
  • FEM-Software PamStamp and Friction Consideration
  • Temperature Influences in Forming Demonstrator

For more info regarding the program, please see the attached flyer down below or register here.


This training is free of charge and is offered in the framework of the INTERREG project ASPECT.


We hope to meet you online!

Flyer Aspect Practical Training

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