Micro/Nano Models for Tribology, 30/01- 3/02,2017

The ASPECT project was featured at Micro/Nanoscale models for tribology   workshop on 30 January - 3 February 2017 in Leiden.

Ir. Mark Veldhuis from Philips (one of the partners in ASPECT project) presented ASPECT project to a wide range of tribology experts from both the academic world as well as industry (group of 60 people in total) in the one week lasting Lorentz center workshop on Micro/Nano Models for Tribology. Here it became clear that next to the Aspect approach, also other industries were signaling that tribology models should be usable in a macro (FEM)-environment. This means that transferring essential data across scales is needed, like done via the meta-models in the Triboform-software in Aspect.

Furthermore the group of experts agreed that, although are tribology models used are the more simple ones, the most essential phenomena are covered. Finally to get some more input of the individual specialists, the survey questionnaire was forwarded to all the participants in the workshop.

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