Mini-symposium ASPECT at ESAFORM 2020

From 4 to 6 May 2020, the ESAFORM Conference was organised for the first time as on-line conference. In its frame, the ASPECT consortium held a mini-symposium “Tribology in Sheet Metal Forming Processes” as final event. The mini-symposium was organised by Twente University. The ASPECT partners M2i, Philips, Opel, ESI-Group, Tata Steel, TriboForm, Filzek Tribotech, Zeller&Gmelin and inspire all presented their papers. All papers are published in Procedia Manufacturing Vol. 47.


In the symposium, different aspects of tribology in cold/hot stamping processes are included such as tribological effects on process modelling and applied plasticity, modelling friction and wear, tribological characterization methods, surface engineering and control of tribology in sheet metal forming (SMF). SMF is one of the most important technologies in manufacturing industry in particular; automotive, aerospace and packaging. In sheet metal forming, relative motion of the tool and workpiece during production makes tribology (friction, wear and lubrication) of the utmost importance. The tribological performance in SMF is influenced by several parameters at the micro- and macro levels (local contact conditions: surface texture, contact pressure, temperature and lubrication). For optimum process design, improving formability of sheet metal and finally control of tribology, a better understanding of tribology and an accurate prediction of friction in sheet metal forming is necessary. Since 2016, the ASPECT consortium led by M2i contributed significantly to advancing the understanding of the tribological effects in sheet metal forming, leading to industrial innovations that enable their accurate prediction and control.

Papers from the ASPECT partners presented at ESAFORM

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