Cosmetic products based on organic vegetables

InVivo, a French union of agricultural cooperatives, launched a range of moisturizing and antioxidant products under the Cultiv brand based on fresh, organically grown vegetables. The brand, result of an intrapreneurial initiative, also offers food supplements.

Made and developed in France

The brand's products, which came onto the market shortly before the first containment, are made in France from certified organic vegetables, over 99.4% of which are of natural origin. Depending on the commercial specialties, between 61% and 80% of the ingredients are of French origin. All products are developed in Eure-et-Loir, in the Cosmetic Valley laboratories, partner of the AgriWasteValue project, whose extraction techniques consume little energy and which have adopted virtuous practices such as water recycling and waste composting.

Source : InVivo a lancé une gamme de produits cosmétiques à base de légumes bio, Tremplin, Pôle IAR, 08.12.2020

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