What are the Sustainable Development Goals? 

What are the Sustainable Development Goals? 

Within the framework of the Sustainable Development Program to 2030, all the member states of the United Nations have committed to take the initiatives and decisions necessary to leave a lasting imprint on our planet and our society. This program includes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals form a unique fusion of two global agendas: sustainable development and development cooperation. The emphasis of this agenda is on "universality", which means that implementation must be ensured across the entire planet.

The SDGs can be divided into five main themes: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.

How does AgriWasteValue participate in the realisation of the SDGs ?

Transcript of F. Warzée's speech (DETIC asbl) at the AgriWasteValue workshop of February 23, 2021

The choice of raw materials and their end-of-life qualities is extremely important to meet with the environmental objectives of the SDGs. This is why it is important to choose biosourced products in cosmetics and nutraceuticals, and it is even better if these biosourced products are derived from residues, in order to enhance the value of the product as a whole. However, this should not be done just anyhow. Indeed, in the SDGs, there are also very important societal objectives such as the end of poverty and zero hunger. 

Biosourcing is therefore one of the effective solutions to achieve a circular economy at the product level, but it is a good solution if and only if the ingredients come from sources that do not compete with food needs. 

It is in this context that projects such as AgriWasteValue are interesting because the relevant valorization of agricultural waste allows to meet environmental sustainable development goals, while meeting societal objectives such as not competing with agriculture, whose n°1 objective is to feed the planet. 

And you, how do you implement solutions to meet the SDGs ? 

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