ALG-AD attends biogas sector exhibition


29 January 2020 - 30 January 2020

Luc Chauchat from CNRS talks to an interested participant at this year's Biogaz Europe event.

French colleagues from ALG-AD recently travelled to Nantes in Brittany to attend Biogaz Europe, an international exhibition for green, renewable gas.

The event was held at the end of January and saw the entire sector represented, from feedstock to processes, outputs to energy recovery.

“This is an international exhibition with all the industries of the methanisation sector,” said Luc Chauchat from CNRS. “Because of this, the event was an excellent opportunity to present the process we are developing in the ALG-AD project.

“Myself and a colleague from AC3A discussed ALG-AD with some interested stakeholders, including an environment project manager in the animal feed industry and some farmers.”

A number of contacts have now been made and it is expected that further correspondence will be shared later this year as we continue to understand and explore the techno-economics around our cutting edge technology. 

Luc Chauchat presents the project to an interested audience. 

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