ALG-AD introduced to Nordic algal research sector

Oslo, Norway

27 February 2019 - 28 February 2019

The second Nordic Algae Symposium (NAS19) and the Annual Meeting for Nord-Aqua was held recently in Oslo (27th -29th February) and provided a great opportunity for the ALG-AD project to be introduced to a new audience and to hear about algal research across the Nordic countries.

Both the symposium and meeting  highlighted recent cyanobacterial, micro and macroalgal research and application.

ALG-AD’s very own Dr Carole Llewellyn was invited to give a talks on Swansea University algal research and to introduce  our EU ALG-AD Interreg funded partnership.

“The Nordic countries are doing some excellent research on algae especially on photosynthesis and understanding production pathways to metabolite production,” said Dr Llewellyn. “And, this was a great opportunity to network and share ideas with a wider audience especially on research we are doing within our ALG-AD project.” 

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