Interreg Impact event

Tourcoing, Lille, France

4 December 2019 - 5 December 2019

"I am even more impressed by the ethos of collaboration which has been apparent across all projects."

Louise Hall, ALG-AD project manager

A suitably inspirational venue was home for members of the ALG-AD team this week, for the day and a half long Interreg NWE ‘Making an Impact’ event in Tourcoing, near Lille, France. (link to event page on Interreg site)

La Chaufferie hosted close to 100 projects at this transnational event, all keen to share knowledge and information about their respective projects, and to learn more about how to maximise the uptake and impact from the work being carried out.

Project manager, Louise Hall, communication manager Catharine Jones and long term work package officer Nina Bailet were all highly enthused by the engagement, and there was much to be positive about from the interactions at the event. (Any further input from Nina from today, plus should include Pascal, as he was due to attend today?)

“There are some incredible projects represented here, which I have been thrilled to learn more about” said Louise. “But I am even more impressed by the ethos of collaboration which has been apparent across all projects, and all thematic areas, and I look forward to working more closely with some of the teams we have met over the course of the event

“Being able to come to an event like this is so energising, and helps us to get reassurance that we are not alone in the challenges we are facing. More importantly, there are also opportunities to work together, for example arranging joint events, or leveraging other networks, to achieve maximum impact from the new technology we are developing”  


Louise Hall arrives at La Chaufferie in Tourcoing

The ALG-AD stand with Louise Hall and Catharine Jones at the start of the day

Catharine Jones from ALG-AD and Aurore Assaker from Biorefine Cluster Europe. 

Almost 100 projects attended the Impact event hosted by funder Interreg NWE 

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