UK Food Standards Agency pays a visit to ALG-AD

Swansea University

18 September 2018 - 18 September 2018

Members of the Food Standards Agency have paid a visit to Swansea University, allowing staff members on the ALG-AD project to showcase their work.


The ALG-AD project is aiming to create a circular economy using waste nutrients produced from the anaerobic digestion process to grow algae. The algal biomass produced will then be transformed into animal feed and other value products.


The FSA staff were treated to a tour of the aquaculture facilities, followed by presentations on ALG-AD and a select few projects currently ongoing at the University.


FSA members were curious about the project and about its potential in the future.


They showed particular interest in the novel idea of using nutrient remediation from anaerobic digestion. 


The project started in earnest this summer, and the team is about to see the completion of its first deliverable - the construction of three large scale photobioreactors.



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