800-litre photobioreactor installed at INNOLAB premises

An 800-litre photobioreactor was installed at INNOLAB premises, in Oostkamp, Belgium as part of our Investment site 3. The first phase of construction and water testing was successfully completed during the third week of June.

The ALG-AD team from University of Ghent and INNOLAB work together on the construction, maintenance and technical support of investment site 3 in Belgium.

A pilot-scale digestate pre-treatment system, 4000-litre microalgal photobioreactor and biomass harvesting system will be installed as a micro-factory within a greenhouse.

The first phase of installation was finished with the assembling of an 800-litre GemTube™ MK2-750 photobioreactor.

Water testing was successfully performed and the preliminary growth trials will be conducted in July.

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