A festival of algae – researchers finally to reunite face to face.

Members of the ALG-AD team will visit Birmingham next week to join the Algae-UK festival of algae where Professor Carole Llewellyn will speak to the audience about the work of the Swansea Algal Research team, including the fantastic progress made on ALG-AD.



The event is scheduled for 17th and 18th November, and Carole will be joined by Louise Hall, the ALG-AD project manager, and Professor Lynsey Melville from BCU for the exhibition element of the programme. Louise and Lynsey will be available to talk in more detail about the ALG-AD project and to demonstrate some of the support tools being developed as part of the project to enable stakeholder decision-making.

The team is excited to join this first in-person event since prior to the pandemic, which comes at an opportune moment to share ALG-AD project results.


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