ALG-AD project takes a step closer to feed trials

Exciting times on the ALG-AD project, as this week the biomass produced by one of our investments, based in Cooperl, France, moved one step closer to being ready for inclusion as an animal feed ingredient.

The team, based at CNRS and Cooperl, cultivated over 28kg of Thraustochytrids biomass, which have now been processed into hydrolysates, using a unique and specifically developed process.



Barbara Clément-Larosière, project manager at Cooperl, reported: “The process went very well – the biggest problem was the time taken to thaw the frozen biomass, and with the thawing phase, each production batch took around 4 hours!”



We now have 300L of hydrolysates from this pilot, ready for animal feed formulation for the trials to take place in early 2021. The next large scale hydrolisation, using biomass from the Langage (UK) and Innolab (Belgium) facility, will begin in December 2020.


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