ALG-AD takes part in ReThink Protein competition in Belgium

With a first prize of €5000, the ALG-AD project will be represented alongside 20 finalists in the ReThink Protein Challenge on Thursday 27th June.

The competition is organised by Waganingen University and invites students to come up with an innovative business idea or prototype that proposes a solution for feeding 9 billion people worldwide with sustainable, affordable and healthy proteins.

Jai Sankar Seelam is a pHD student in Ghent University who is working on the ALG-AD project.

“I submitted a short introduction of the challenge and solution proposed by our project, entitled “ALG-AD: Protein rich fusion in biogas sector” in the first phase of the competition (

“Based on the submitted idea, I cleared first two rounds and made it into the Top 40.

The third round then consisted of submitting a detailed written pitch and business plan. The business plan submission included write-ups of an Elevator pitch, an Executive summary, Products and Services plan, Marketing Plan, Feasibility and Validation plans, and ideas for Sustainability and Impact. The evaluation of the business plan was positive and I made it to the Top 20 and was categorized under “Prototyping” project.”

Jai will now be pitching his idea in front of an audience on Thursday. We’ll let you know how he gets on.

You can find out more about the competition at

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