ALG-AD team members are invited Guest Editors for a Special Issue of the journal Metabolites

Key members of the ALG-AD project team based in Swansea have been asked to Guest Edit a Special Issue of the ‘Metabolites’ journal, focusing on improving the understanding and available knowledge of the metabolomics of algae.


Professor Carole Llewellyn, the ALG-AD project’s Principal Investigator, and Dr Rahul Kapoore who is working on the characterisation of the algae grown during the project are delighted to be overseeing this special issue on better understanding the algal metabolome. 


“Algae are essential regulators of our planet and play an important role in the cycling of key elements including carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.” said Prof. Llewellyn. “Their ability to fix carbon through photosynthesis, their high productivities compared to plants and their ability to produce some unique metabolites also makes them an attractive proposition to fulfilling the drive towards a sustainable and low carbon bio-based circular economy.  However, our understanding of metabolism and metabolite production in algae currently lags behind that in plants.”


“We already have seven articles published in this Special Issue and we look forward to more,” said Dr Kapoore. “And we hope this will provide a boost to our overall understanding of these amazing organisms which have the potential to offer so much to mankind. At a time when globally scientists are warning of the risks to the future of the human race, algae can help alleviate some of the harm being done.”

 The deadline for submission of manuscripts is 30th June 2019. Manuscripts can be submitted online at by registering and logging in to this website.

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