Algal cultivation facility from UGhent at Innolab received the visit on farmers interested in ALG-AD

With the help of Kristof Severijns, from Innovatiesteunpunt (BE), the ALG-AD team from Ghent University was put in contact with 5 farmers that are interested in further using the digestate generated by their activities for microalgal cultivation.

In the middle of July, these farmers were invited for a visit of the Belgian algal cultivation facilities (Investment 3), installed at Innolab, a partner in the ALG-AD project. They were able to see both reactor configurations being tested there and exchange ideas about digestate pretreatment, ideal conditions for algal cultivation in digestate, and the possible products that can be derived from the microalgal biomass.

Marcella Souza, the project manager responsible for ALG-AD at Ghent University, highlights: “The interaction with possible end-users is extremely necessary for the roll-out of the ALG-AD technology, as it enable as, researchers, to better understand the challenges associated with implementing the technology in real conditions and at a larger scale

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