Circular Economy in Wales – latest developments

The Circular Economy Research and Innovation Group (CERIG) Wales met last week to share project and policy updates, as well as to consider the EU Circular Economy Action Plan.

Representatives from Welsh Government updated the group on national regulation developments, and current CE consultation processes, seeking feedback on proposals to:-

  • move towards zero waste by 2050
  • scrutinise how we use resources
  • encourage the reuse, repair and remanufacture products and materials
  • maximise the economic and social opportunities of a more circular economy.

Participants also considered implications for UK businesses of the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan, for example, the mandatory requirements to increase sustainability of goods and services, and how this might be approached.

The ALG-AD project provides a solution which sits firmly at the heart of these proposals, and, in fact, the EU Action Plan makes specific reference to the use of algae as a natural method of nutrient recovery requiring further exploration.

Our work addresses the reuse of food and nutrients, and also takes into account the sustainable use of water – two of the areas highlighted by the EU, where the potential for circularity is high.

Pilot-scale operation, research trials and data analysis are ongoing on ALG-AD.  The science and technology behind the ALG-AD project can be widely applied to other sectors in order to improve sustainability and circularity.

For more information, or if you think you may wish to explore circular economy approaches to waste remediation using the power of microalgae, please contact Louise Hall, Project Manager –

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