Project team prepare to speak at ADBA National Conference

ALG-AD is thrilled to announce that two project members will be speaking at this year's ADBA National Conference. 

The event will be held in London in December. 

Project manager Louise Hall and work package leader Dr Claudio Fuentes Grünewald will deliver a joint presentation. 

"The aim is to introduce the project to the audience among which will be a number of AD operators, one of the key sectors we're looking to engage with," said Ms Hall. "The technology we are working on could appeal to them and we need to gauge their response to our work.

"I'm confident we will make important new contacts and develop our network of interested parties."

Dr Fuentes Grünewald added: "My session will be focused on Digestates: land-banking; contamination; commercial potential and I will be speaking about ALG-AD project, using digestates to grow microalgae.

"The UK anaerobic digestion industry has a critical role to play in helping the government achieve their Net Zero 2050 goal. This year’s conference will discuss what this is and how we can realise it. This year’s conference theme is ‘There’s no Net Zero without Biogas’ and I look forward to joining the discussion."

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