Reasons to be optimistic – restart at Langage

The doors are open again at Langage AD, where the team are optimistic that a quick restart will enable a successful summer algal culture growth season on ALG-AD.

Jose Ignacio Gayo Pelaez and Vanessa Ndovela have returned to the greenhouse at AD plant location this week, where changes in COVID-19 restrictions have meant that work can restart at Langage.

With the strict observation of social distancing protocols and adjustment to standard operating procedures, the 2 team members responsible for growing the microalgae are back at work. The first task is to clean and sterilise all the equipment, especially Photobioreactor to be ready for inoculation at the start of June.

With the warm weather up to 35°C, and long days, the conditions are just right for algal cultivation, so we are ready to now produce the biomass needed for feed trials later this year.


Jose said: “Usually we start our daily work early morning, as it becomes very hot and it is difficult to work in the greenhouse. All steps of inoculation are prepared, we are ready to start algal cultivation cycle and will be able to grow and collect requested microalgal biomass very soon.”

Despite all the challenges, the team is now confident that we can deliver, and the whole ALG-AD team is grateful to Jose and Vanessa for their continuing hard work.

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