ESPP Webinar brings together a European network

A relevant and extremely well-attended webinar was convened by the European Sustainable Phosphorous Platform on Monday 22nd March, to discuss regulatory obstacles concerning nutrient valorisation from waste-derived algae.

Over 500 attendees engaged with short presentations and extensive chat discussions based on the information shared by European projects and organisations, all highlighting the regulatory challenges being faced in their respective contexts.

Dr Claudio Fuentes-Grünewald presented a short summary of the ALG-AD project, as well as some of the findings from the ALG-AD regulatory review, conducted by NNFCC as a sub partner on ALG-AD. Of particular relevance is the current challenge where at present, only digestate from 100% plant-based feedstock can be used to cultivate microalgae for use as an animal feed, without additional permission at European Member State level.

A common issue faced by many actors in the circular economy of nutrients is that legislation is a grey area, and it is not unified across the Member States in Europe

The industry therefore faces an immediate barrier in attempts to transition to more effective use of nutrients, such as through alternative applications of microalgae grown on waste.

The discussion will continue, and the recording of the webinar will be available on the ESPP YouTube channel soon. ALG-AD are glad to join this group of organisations seeking regulatory clarity and change.


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