BioBase4SME Life Cycle Assessment Workshop

York, UK

18 October 2016

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*NEW* Life Cycle Assessment Workshops

Following the success of our previous Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) workshops, the NNFCC have teamed up again with Anna Evans, an Associate with North Energy, to offer two training workshops providing you with insight into how LCA's work and their applications.

What is LCA? 

Life cycle assessment (LCA), also known as life cycle analysis, is a technique for quantifying the environmental impact of a product or service over its life cycle; considering raw materials, processing, manufacture, distribution, use, repair, maintenance and disposal or recycling. It is the basis of greenhouse gas assessments and carbon footprinting.

Importance of LCA

The aim of carrying out a LCA is to determine the environmental impacts of products and services. The concept can also be used to optimise the environmental performance of a single product, process or company and as a consequence bring substantial competitive advantages given the increasing need for businesses to account for and manage their environmental impacts.

The Workshops

This event has been developed to provide a good basic understanding of LCA. Day 1 covers the principles of LCA, requirements, problems and issues. Day 2 provides the opportunity to look at issues in greater depth and provide support in taking the first steps in drawing up an LCA. You can attend both days together or separately. 

The first workshops take place over two consecutive days in October.

  • Day 1: 18th October 2016. Introduction to LCA Workshop
  • Day 2: 19th October 2016. Intermediate LCA Workshop

The cost for one day attendance is £595 (either day 1 or 2) or £995 for both days. Please note an understanding of LCA is presumed for the 'Intermediate LCA Workshop' and attendance of the 'Introduction to LCA Workshop' is required for those unfamiliar with LCA. 

For further information contact us on +44 (0)1904 435182.

limited number of student places are available at a cost of £295 (single day) and £495 (both days). To register for the discounted student rate please contact us directly by email on or call 01904 435182.

NNFCC Life Cycle Assesment Workshops

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