BioBase4SME New Irish pre-pilot equipment

In the course of the BioBase4SME Project investment a mobile gas chromatograph (micro GC) analyser have been purchased.

The equipment will assist SME’s looking to test various feedstocks in the pilot scale AD and pyrolysis units within the tcbb pilot plant, de-risking commercial deployments. It will also assist SME’s who have deployed AD and pyrolysis technology to fault find and de-bug operational plant, as well as optimise plant productivity and validate the compliance with environmental emission criteria. 


Background Information

A micro GC unit is used to analyze the elemental and constituent composition of gasses. It is used to quantify fixed gasses, hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, oxygenates, sulphur compounds (e.g. including (but not limited to H2, CO, CO2, N2, CH4, C2H6, C2H4, H2S and others). In the context of the tcbb RESOURCE pilot plant it will support both the AD line and the pyrolysis pilot plant line. There will be different types of gasses that would be expected to be submitted for analysis. These can range from biogas (ambient temperature) to syngas (high temperature derived from thermal process). In the context of the AD line, gas analysis will enable the adaptation of the AD reaction and process controls to optimise methane production. It will facilitate definition of the type of biogas conditioning equipment that will be required across a range of biomass feedstocks.


In the context of the pyrolysis line, different biomass feedstocks generate syngas of varying composition. Syngas requires conditioning to remove unwanted contaminants prior to being injected into a gas engine. The tcbb pilot plant incorporates a gas conditioning unit specifically designed for high temperature syngas. It can be adapted to address the different compositional characteristics of syngas, once these characteristics are known. The GC unit will be able to inform the set up of the conditioning system. The unit will be used not only in pilot plant applications, but also taken out to assist with analysis in commercial scale applications. Initially, it will be used to assist with the commercialisation of the PGE pyrolysis unit being commissioned in Hirwuan, Wales. Thereafter it will be used in multiple different support location.

The system would ideally be enabled with a communications system that would allow control and results to be undertaken off site, with a graphic interface that is easy to understand and utilise.

The source of gas samples can range from in-line samples to samples collected in gas bags or pressurised cylinders. A rapid analysis time is preferred as it will enable analysis of multiple samples within a pilot test cycle. Additionally, a smaller mobile unit is preferred as the application may be required to serve at various different test sites and may be operated by different trained researchers.

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