High interest for BioBase4SME Workshop on LCA

The workshop 'Environmental assessment of biobased products: Mainstreaming LCA for SMEs' was organised on June 28th, 2017 by BioBase4SME partners MATERIA NOVA and FBBV. 

The workshop attracted 34 'external' participants. Several SMEs were present but main public were Research centres, Consultants and Universities interested in getting new insight in Life cycle analysis.

The event was rated as “inspirational” by some participants and we are happy if we already lighted a small fire with the sparkles of life cycle thinking. We would like to thank again all speakers, they did a brilliant job.

The afternoon ended with a discussion between participants that lead to networking possibilities (some delegates said they found possibilities of future interesting collaborations).

In short it was a great event and a nice vitrine of what can be offered as services for SMEs within the framework of BioBase4SME.


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