Minister visits Bangor University’s Biocomposites Centre and M-SParc science park to learn more about links with Ireland

Lesley Griffiths MS, Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, has visited teams from Bangor University’s Biocomposites Centre and M-SParc science park on Anglesey to learn more about how Wales is working with Ireland on digital and eco-friendly projects.

Bangor University’s Biocomposites Centre is playing a key role in a £3.7 million project led by the University of Limerick to turn willow trees into a versatile and eco-friendly cash crop for farmers, whilst three companies with links to Ireland based at M-SParc are part of the new wave of tech companies developing diagnostic technology and providing digital analytics to improve customer experiences.

The Welsh Government recently announced another 12 months of additional funding for the BioWILL Interreg North West Europe funded project, which involves 10 organisations and companies from across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, France and Belgium including universities, farmers and landowners.


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