How to Improve Traceability with Blockchain


28 April 2021

In the framework of the European projects B-hub and Blockstart, Medicen Paris Region and Systematic Paris Region are hosting a webinar together on the importance of blockchain and traceability.

Traceability is a transparency duty imposed on many companies to label their products. It is the ability to track forward movements through specified stages of the extended supply chain and trace backwards the history, application, or location of that which is under consideration. Blockchain solutions for traceability will improve the reliability of information and has many applications in different sectors such as supply chain, banking, data, administration, and information.

Join our free blockchain event to learn about innovative blockchain solutions for traceability.

About the initiatives:

B-hub for Europe is a project supported by Startup Europe to foster blockchain adoption in industry and the public sector through startup go-to-market support.

Blockstart is an Interreg North-West Europe project driving competitiveness by bringing together SMEs to raise awareness and develop blockchain solutions in logistics, agrofood, supply chain and health.

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