Advising the Blockchain Ecosystem of North-West Europe

by Medicen Paris Region

To guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of work within Blockstart, Medicen Paris Region took the initiative to create a European Advisory Board - a structured and collaborative group of experts on blockchain technologies from all over Europe. 

The board’s main goal is to support the Blockstart team in their activities and contribute to the project’s mission: helping SMEs understand and adopt blockchain for their businesses. Beyond supporting the companies in the project, the board will also keep the ecosystem informed about various aspects of the blockchain and ongoing developments in the field.

The advisory board will make recommendations and provide information and suggestions to Blockstart’s partners to help make the project activities the most successful they can be.

During the meetings that will be organised twice a year, partners will share the state-of-the-art results and difficulties, issues, and concerns about the project results to improve and concretise future actions.

As of today, Blockstart’s Advisory board is composed of 6 experts:

  1. Olivier Rikken, who is the founder of Emerging Horizons, is a renowned keynote speaker on Blockchain technologies with important expertise in Smart Contracts and is very actively involved in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition.
  2. Dr Ir. Sina Salim (PhD) is a Dutch agrofood expert already involved in supporting SMEs innovations and helping them with bottlenecks through the testing of new processes/products and up-scaling from invention to invention market.
  3. Sven Nahnsen is a German Professor for Biomedical Data Science at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen and Director of Quantitative Biology Center (QBiC) who is affiliated to Swarm Learning, a decentralised machine-learning approach that unites edge computing, blockchain-based peer-to-peer networking and coordination while maintaining confidentiality without the need for a central coordinator.
  4. Ivan De Lastours, a Blockchain/Crypto Lead at BpiFrance, is a former M&A banker with more than ten years of experience as an innovation management expert.
  5. Philippe Ogier, an experienced executive CEO and co-founder of Droon, provides a Blockchain Activation Gateway (BAG) that enables the development, integration and deployment of all Blockchain solutions around data.
  6. Rémy Ozcan, the president of the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals, is a global impact analyst of the Blockchain Technology on finance, economic efficiency and society, a Tokenomics specialist, and Mentor in Blockchain Hackathon (UK, France & Luxembourg).

The Advisory Board will be a great way to engage key supporters with relevant professional skills, life experiences, and networks. Its creation will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Blockstart project while promoting it to a broader audience.

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