Improving Traceability with Blockchain

The Blockstart Project is on a mission to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in North-West Europe (NWE) confront their challenges with the most effective, efficient solutions blockchain can offer. To guarantee the sustainability of the missions undertaken in the Blockstart Project, Medicen Paris Region took the initiative to organise a webinar on how to improve traceability with blockchain. Focused on long term impact and the continuation of project activities after the end of the project, we are joining forces with several European initiatives to achieve our goals together.

SMEs are often unaware of the many ways in which blockchain technology could benefit them, particularly in the healthcare, agrofood or logistics sectors. Many are unfamiliar with the measures they can take to secure their business operations and ensure steady growth and success for their companies.

For this purpose, Medicen launched the first of a series of European blockchain events on the 28th of April together with another European project, B-hub for Europe. Like Blockstart, this project supports startups in Europe and is dedicated to fostering blockchain adoption in industry and the public sector through startup go-to-market support.

During this webinar over 70 participants had the opportunity to discover more about the importance and impact of traceability and to get inspired by two European companies already pursuing blockchain solutions for traceability.

Thanks to Blockchain Partner by KPMG, a leading blockchain technology provider with industrial experience in diverse sectors (public administration, banking, energy, and more), the participants got an in-depth view into traceability. Two European SMEs supported by both Blockstart and B-hub presented use cases on the aspects of the traceability: DrData and HODLNG. While the first is a French company dedicated to health data protection and valorisation, the second is a Blockchain startup based in Tallinn, Estonia, dedicated to solving problems in the Liquefied Natural Gas or LNG industry, at both the EU and global levels.

Learn more about traceability with experts and real-world use cases by watching the recording.

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