Partner Spotlight: ChainPoint

Blockstart brings small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and a partner network of experts together to help European SMEs make the most of blockchain technology. SMEs often don’t have access to the R&D and strategic business resources necessary to profit from emerging technologies, such as blockchain. This is where Blockstart’s partner network comes in, providing training, support and blockchain solution development to SMEs – for free!



ChainPoint is one of several partners contributing to the Blockstart programme. They are specialised in software solutions that integrate data across supply chains, allowing information to be more easily shared with supply chain partners. When supply chain partners can easily share important information with each other, they can operate more efficiently, with lower running costs and lower supply chain risks.

Many sectors can benefit from improved information sharing, no matter whether companies are large or small. As such, blockchain is seen as a key enabler - it is very well suited to all kinds of information sharing scenarios, and that’s why partners on the Blockstart programme, such as ChainPoint, are keen to help SMEs discover and benefit from blockchain’s possibilities.


Solution Development

Together with programme partner, Multitel, and a network of industry sector and technology experts, ChainPoint is bringing their experience to the Blockstart programme to help SMEs embrace, leverage and benefit from blockchain technology during the Solution Development phase of the project.

In the Solution Development phase, Blockstart will focus on bringing the value of blockchain to 12 SMEs in the agrofood, healthcare and logistics sectors. 

Blockchain combines enhanced data security and data integrity technologies with the capability to safely distribute information to collaborating partners who are all “on the same blockchain”. Throughout the Solution Development phase, we will help European SMEs exploit these unique properties of blockchain to their full advantage by offering a complete programme of training, strategic business development guidance and blockchain solution development.

We envisage opening up many possibilities for SMEs through the programme. For example, SMEs in the healthcare sector could use blockchain to securely store records, with the assurance that records can’t be tampered with once stored. 

SMEs in the agrofood sector could jointly share information on food quality and sourcing through a blockchain-based food safety network. 

And logistics companies could accelerate shipping documentation flows with electronic documentation that can be passed instantly through the blockchain to customs agencies. 

The possibilities are endless, and in Blockstart’s Solution Development phase we’ll be providing guidance and support all the way to turn possibilities into successful business solutions.

Join Us

As an SME, you’ve probably heard a lot about blockchain, and maybe even considered that blockchain could bring great benefits to your business if only you knew how to take the first step. 

We’re here to help! Apply to join the free Blockstart programme and get in touch with a regional Blockstart advisor who can help you get started. 

We can’t wait to see what great solutions we can build together!


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