BONE @Termis conference 2021

Next week the exciting World Termis conference will take place. The BONE consortium would like to invite all of you to also visit a symposium that we are organizing within TERMIS as a satellite lunch symposium.
This symposium is on the “BONE: Bio-fabrication of orthopaedics in a new era” project, a North-West Europe Interreg consortium.
If you are attending TERMIS, please join us at this symposium too and enjoy the presentations that BONE partners have prepared.
Below see more information on the program, including the presenters and the topics.
Name of symposium: A future outlook on melt electrowriting: from academic to manufacturer to clinic
Embedded within the 6th world TERMIS congress
(15th-19th November 2021)
Time: 15th November 2021, at 12.00-13.30

Dr. Paul Wieringa (MERLN institute, Maastricht University):
Title: The BONE Project: Clinical Considerations for MEW Applications

Dr. Matei Cirstea (The Electrospinning Company):
Title: Beyond the simple scaffold: The next level of medical electrospinning

Prof. Dr. Peter Kessler (MUMC+)
Title: Bone has to be replaced by bone - a gold standard still valid today

Distinguished Prof. Dr. Dietmar Hutmacher
Title: Are MEW scaffolds having a role in bone tissue engineering?

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