After 6 years of collaboration, the Boost4Health project is ending – but (European) cooperation will continue!

Boost4 Health was initially approved in Spring 2016 by the Interreg NWE Joint Secretariat and got extended for 2 years under the capitalisation call in 2020. During the capitalisation phase which ended in August 2022, the partnership involved 11 organisations coming from 7 countries (NL, UK, ES, BE, DE, FR, IE) with a total budget of circa EUR 600 000. These project partners helped life sciences SMEs make the next step in their businesses, through supporting them in internationalisation. They brought the target group in contact with relevant organisations and other businesses in North-West Europe regions, and contributed in bringing health products faster to the market for the benefits of the EU citizens. The main activities involved: a coaching programme (with individual and group sessions), the organisation of 4 deep dive sessions presenting the lifer science ecosystems in 4 NWE countries and 4 webinars, a match-making programme and a voucher scheme with two different financial supports. In total, 420 SMEs were involved in the coaching programme and 85 SMEs benefitted from a voucher (support or travel). The vouchers focused on connecting, travelling, market research, technology support and financial support.

“After working all together intensively over the past 6 years, we are sure that new opportunities for collaboration among the partnership will arise. In the meantime, we say goodbye from the Boost4Health team, and we will meet again!”

Ria Hein, Programme Manager Life Sciences & Medtech, Brabant Development Agency, Boost4 Health Lead partner.​

For more information, you can check the B4H capitalisation brochure summarising the main outcomes of the last 2 years of cooperation.

B4H capitalisation brochure

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