B4H partners are finally meeting after two years of pandemic before the end of the capitalisation call!

On 28-29 March 2022, B4H project partners met for the first time since the approval of the capitalisation phase in February 2020. Previous attempts at organising physical meetings had to be cancelled due to the global pandemic and the travel restrictions in place in several European countries, meetings happened online instead. This time, representatives of BOM (NL), Oost NV (NL), Biocat (ES), ULiege (BE), BSB (FR), STERN (DE), Eurasanté (FR), WestBic (IE) and ATB (FR) gathered in Breda, the Netherlands. In total, 15 people spent a lunch-to-lunch meeting reviewing the implementation of the workplan and the achievement of the project outputs against the targets set in the application form. Special attention was given to the vouchers to fasten their delivery. On Monday night, partners enjoyed meal in a nice Indonesian restaurant.

On 9-10 May 2022, the B4H partnership (except MedLife) met again in Lille, France, to prepare together the appraisal with the Interreg NWE Joint Secretariat and the project closure. Several joint working sessions were planned so that partner could fill in the paperwork together and ask questions whenever needed. Irma Botic, the Interreg NWE Officer following Boost4 Health, attended the first half-session and delivered a presentation on the Interreg NWE 2021-2027 programming period especially on the new investment priorities. For dinner, partners went into an ‘estaminet’ – a restaurant serving typical food from the North of France – in the Old Town.


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