The service provider SMEs have been looking for!

Public intelligence from Denmark offers consulting and testing strictly for healthcare innovations. Offering a unique testing methodology they are able to test healthcare solutions in practically every TRL phase on various scales.

Innovations that seem spectacular in theory might just not be as big a game changer as expected. And simple small improvements can turn out to be what everybody had been waiting for. That is why proper testing is crucial in every phase of development.

Public Intelligence can help SMEs get clarity. In an early phase by researching the need for the innovative idea and what to expect during development. And later on: small and large scale testing of prototypes or finished products. The testing environment can vary from a simulated environment with selected test users to testing on a real population.

Public intelligence had been working with SMEs in the UK and Japan, but hadn’t been in contact with SME across the mainland of Europe yet. Thanks to Boost4Health they are now working with companies in France, Germany and The Netherlands.

A true Boost4Health success story where both SMEs and the service provider benefit from the good relation between the Boost4Health regions. At Public intelligence they celebrate new collaborations by announcing  them on a crate: will you be the next to be announced?

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