Fibersort at ITMA Barcelona

ITMA is one of the premier events and exhibitions to showcase innovation and new technologies in textiles, especially for manufacturers and (recycling) technology developers. This event happens once every 4 years, and is recognised as the largest platform for textile and garment technology to explore the current and future status of industry solutions. This year the event was held from 20 to 26 June in Barcelona, where more than 1700 exhibitors from approximately 45 countries converged. 

Fibersort project partners travelled to showcase the innovative sorting technology by fibre composition through near-infrared technology that scans the garments fed to the machine. Project partner Valvan brought the demo machine to Barcelona to show the attendees how the technology works. Attendees got to see the Fibersort scanner in action and discuss its industry potential with the equipment expert at Valvan Baling Systems Booth (H5.D217).

Further, on June 24, Circle Economy presented the Fibersort project and technology at the Innovation Lab Speakers Platform, a space that encourages information sharing and knowledge dissemination on future trends, innovation insights and strategic solutions. Four key themes guided this platform and the Fibersort was presented within the "Sustainable Textile & Garment Manufacturing in the Circular Economy" programme.

Today, the full scale machine is running at Smart Fibersorting's facility in the Netherlands and can identify fibre types and colours. Later this year an automated feed-in system will be added to the machine to reach its productivity potential.

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