Fibersort at the Plastic Free World Conference

Plastic Free World Conference & Expo is a two-day conference and exhibition for businesses looking to reduce their plastic consumption, find and source highly sustainable alternative bio-based materials, and create a more circular economy throughout their supply chain. 

Fibersort project manager, Hilde Van Duijn, delivered an engaging presentation on how to create a zero waste textile industry, focusing around the key role that the Fibersort can play to turn used textiles (containing around 65% of polyester) into feedstock for recyclers. This is due to the Fibersort's ability to recognize the composition of textiles in the sorting process. The event was attended by a vast amount of relevant recyclers, hence a perfect opportunity to connect and assess wether Fibersorted materials are suitable to use as feedstock for recycling. 

More information on the outcomes of these conversations will be available soon! Stay updated by joining our stakeholder working groups here!

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