Producer Network Webinar - Q3 2019

Finding End-Markets for Post-Consumer Textiles 

Quarterly webinars are being hosted by the Fibersort consortium of partners in order to increase the awareness around the technology, share insights and updates on the project and learn from other industry stakeholders about the potential and the challenges of the end-of-use textile value chain, with the aim to increase the uptake of recycled textiles in the industry. 

Producer Network Webinar - October 10 2019

Keeping up the number at ca. 40 participants in this quarter's meeting, the webinar was held in advance of the End-Markets Overview Sheet which will be released publicly during the week of the 21st October, so the focus of the call was placed on addressing the main issue of the current availability of end-markets for Fibersorted materials and their potential to further develop.

In order to give context and specific insights into the development of end-markets for post-consumer textiles, Cyndi Rhoades, project partner, CEO and Founder of Worn Again joined the meeting as an invited speaker. 

Cyndi explained Worn Again's recycling process as well as the main goals of the organisation being to: produce virgin equivalent outputs, develop an environmentally friendly process, and the need for outputs to be price-competitive with virgin alternatives. Participants in the call discussed the potential development of these end-markets in relation to policy, market demand and communication with consumers.

Within the Fibersort project we continue to support bridging the existing gap between Fibersorted materials and manufacturers. We encourage spinners, manufacturers and brands to reach out to us if interested in working together to investigate the possibilities of these materials.  

We would like to thank the invited speaker for her time and insights, as well as all participants and look forward to having all of you on our next Webinar in November. 


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