Visiting the Swedish WargoTex Development Project

The project WargoTex Development, based in Vargön, Sweden, is a regional initiative that aims at enabling production of tomorrow’s sustainable materials by establishing cooperation between different business segments and engage different actors such as small and large companies, organisations and innovators, public sector, universities, and institutes.

The main project goal is to establish the first open test- and demo facility for textile sorting and resource optimisation in Sweden, while supporting the development of sorting and recycling and upcycling technologies, work environment and processes in order to open up new, or optimised, value chains using textile resources in a circular manner.

They are currently undertaking preparations for their new textiles sorting site. The meeting was aimed at updating the current status of the WargoTex Development project, its different activities, subprojects, as well as presenting the new setup for their new textiles sorting site. Sharing learnings about post consumer collection/sorting/recycling in different EU regions expects to strengthen our knowledge for the long-term implementation of the Fibersort technology, while informing further insights into regional innovations. 


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