CEDaCI at LCIC 2020 Conference


26 August 2020 - 26 August 2020

Dr Deborah Andrews and Kristina Kerwin, LSBU will participate at the 2nd Life Cycle Innovation Conference (LCIC).

Started in 2018, the Life Cycle Innovation Conference (LCIC 2020) takes a systems perspective when discussing sustainable innovation. It will look at both, innovative approaches and methods to address sustainability challenges as well as innovative products and services that will help us transition towards a more sustainable world.

Dr Deborah Andrews, LSBU will feature a poster presentation: Design Thinking for Sustainability and the significance of Stakeholder Engagement in the development of the Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry. Dr Andrews will present how the CEDaCI project adopts a holistic approach in bringing together the sub-sectors of the Data Centre Industry and illustrates the value of design-process-based strategies to support the development of the CE in other sectors.

Kristina Kerwin, LSBU will present the Life Cycle Assessment approach to address up and coming sustainable challenges in the design of data centre equipment. This presentation will display the constraints that the Data Centre Industry is facing in its efforts towards optimum energy efficiency and sustainability and proposes a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach as a decision-making instrument to encourage design for circularity within the sector.

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