LSBU research project, CEDaCI, wins Interreg funding

Headed by Dr. Deborah Andrews, Associate Professor of Design at LSBU, the Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry (CEDaCI) project aims to make data centres more sustainable.

What is a data centre?

A data centre is any building, group of buildings or dedicated space which houses information technology, data processing and storage equipment.  There are currently 8.6 million data centres around the world, with the industry predicted to grow an astounding 500% by 2030. 

At present, just 10 percent of the critical raw materials (CRM) from the data centre sector are recycled and recovered. The CEDaCI project is vital, working to increase reclamation of Critical Raw Materials in the sector, extend product life through equipment reuse and reduce the use of virgin materials, waste and environmental impact arising from the growth in redundant equipment.

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