CEDaCI Partnership Meeting in Lille

Lille, France

24 January 2019

CEDaCI Kick-off Meeting

London, UK - CEDaCI Project Kick-off Meeting took place on January 24, 2019 in Lille at Interreg Offices. CEDaCI (Circular Economy for Data Centre Industry) led by LSBU aims to facilitate the implementation of a Circular Economy (CE) for critical raw materials used by Data Centre Industry (DCI) in North West Europe. Thus, the overall objective of CEDaCI is to employ an innovative methodology to accelerate development of the CE by bringing together and developing a Network of experts and actors from the above sub-sectors in a unique environment, the Co-creation workshops. Participants will learn from each other and support the development of products and services that will ensure that the DCI becomes more economically and environmentally sustainable.


First Steps and actions

CEDaCI Project Partners and sub partners gathered together on January 24, 2019 to launch the project and situational analysis activities. CEDaCI begins with a comprehensive Situational Analysis and Network building WP to produce in-depth report on current practice, challenges &barriers to change, and future trends and to lead to the creation of CEDaCI Network as a result. The lead partner partner for WP Situational Analysis and Network Building, WeLOOP presented the methods to reach out to stakeholders involved in each life cycle of Data Centre Industry. The meeting is followed by the division of tasks and the development of project management and communication tools.

Great partnership meeting in Lille 24.1.2019 working on Situational Analysis for the Data Centre Industry