CEDaCI Partnership Meeting in London

London, UK

7 March 2019

The second CEDaCI partnership meeting was held in London at LSBU Clarence Centre on March 7, 2019. The meeting started with a welcome by Dr. Deborah Andrews, LSBU. Dr. Andrews featured a presentation on the active involvement of LSBU in DCI related events and conferences.

Naeem Adibi from WeLOOP, the lead of WP4: Situational Analysis and Network Building, presented the current status of situational analysis activities. CEDaCI Project Partners are currently reaching out to the Data Centre Industry stakeholders involved in 16 life cycle stages. Once the DCI Stakeholders list is complete, Project Partners will proceed with the stakeholder interviews in four NWE countries : France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. This will allow CEDaCI to build an in-depth report on current DCI practices, challenges and future trends.

This exercise will be followed with the co-creation activities. Co-creation work package aims to enable trans-sectoral learning and to develop circular economy solutions for Data Centre Industry. Katrin Bienge from Wuppertal Institute presented the draft plan for Co-creation activities. Wuppertal will prepare the conceptual design of 8 co-creation workshops and help partners deliver successful events both at national and international levels. 

The lead partner, LSBU presented the progress on CEDaCI External Website, project management manual, draft internal and external communication strategy. In addition, LSBU provided an update on project work plans.

CEDaCI Project Partners will have a virtual follow-up meeting on April 4, 2019. Virtual partnership meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month to assess the progress and to overcome the challenges encountered by the project partners


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