Final workshop „Sustain and Roll out“

Londonderry, Ulster

22 November 2022 - 23 November 2022

The last face-to-face partner meeting took place in Ulster, Northern Ireland on November 22-23. Project partners from Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany talked about the finalisation of the project and what is still needed for this. Special attention was given to the continuation of the certification after the end of the project in March 2023.

The project partners were given an exciting tour of the Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre and the Intelligent Systems Research Centre at the University of Ulster. Here they learned about research in robotics at the interface with medicine. There was also a presentation on individualised medicine, which aims to achieve greater diagnostic precision in order to identify better-tailored and more effective therapeutic interventions and ultimately achieve a faster and longer-lasting cure in patients.

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