Certification-D testing procedures integrated into Ulster University’s eCareWell project

Ulster University’s eCareWell project has integrated a number of the technology testing procedures developed through the Certification-D project. The eCareWell project looks to support informal carers in the community who are caring for loved ones with a range of health problems including dementia.

A range of technologies including wearables, virtual reality, phone apps, sensors and communication devices are made available to carers. The carers test the technology providing valuable feedback for the SMEs. The Ulster team then follow-up with 1-on-1 feedback with the SME on their technology suggesting areas for improvement using a scoring system.

An evaluation of the project by S3 Solutions found that overall, there was a clear consensus that the eCareWell Project created a testbed space that benefited all stakeholders. It identified key challenges that face carers, health providers and the community to support carer wellbeing and opportunities for the industry to co-design, develop and test technological interventions that align with the diverse needs of care users, providers and enablers within the bounds of the current community infrastructure. This evaluation demonstrates a strong rationale for continued investment and the further expansion of the project in future to further develop an evidence base for the adoption of innovative health technologies and evaluation of their longer-term impacts.

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