End of project Certification-D

The official project period of Certification-D ended 2023 in May. In summary, the project created a certification process that has been tested and verified. The process can be applied comprehensively to technical products. As a result, people with dementia can use it for guidance and, at the same time, companies can use this certification to improve their products.

The certification process that finally emerged is the result of years of collaboration between business, professionals and people with dementia. The focus was on a close cooperation between the individual parties in order to ultimately find a solution that is acceptable to all involved.

Thanks to the project, 24 products and their SMEs have been able to participate in the certification process, and some have already received their certifications. More information here: Products - Certification D (newel.net)

The companies also had the opportunity to receive advice from project partners and to improve their products in order to make everyday life easier for people with dementia and their carers. The aim of the project was to ensure long-term use of the certification and the associated partnerships, such as the living labs. This was specified in the project and is to be continued beyond the end of the project. This and much more was also defined in the final conference.

The final conference in November 2022 over three days took place in Ireland, University of Ulster and offered professionals and SMEs the opportunity to exchange information and experiences.

The meeting started with a steering group. Last to-dos were worked out and discussed. Also the further procedure until the end of the project was planned in more detail. In addition to the meetings, various areas of the University of Ulster were visited. The partners received a tour of Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre (C-TRIC) and a tour of Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC).

The meeting ended on 24. November 2022.

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